Gear Up For Savings

Are you on the search for your next thrilling vehicle and want to have some extra capital in your pocket? Trading in your current transport is an excellent way to do so, which is why the finance team at Apple Ford welcomes you to get your Ford trade-in offer! You can do so via our virtual and easy-to-use tool above that comes with zero obligations to make a purchase beforehand.* Knowing your exact Ford trade-in value grants you understanding of the buying power you have at your disposal before you decide on an exhilarating new Ford model or one of our gently pre-owned offerings. To learn the trade-in value of your car, simply input the Year, Make, Model, and Trim of your current vehicle into our tool and following the corresponding steps. Discover what else is involved with receiving a fantastic Ford trade-in offer below.

Your Ford Trade-In Value

Once you have finished the steps outlined by our handy tool, the financial professional at Apple Ford will set to work cross-referencing databases - both on the local and national levels - against its findings to pinpoint the trade-in value for your car. We do this to be absolutely sure you are getting the best offer we can provide and to be transparent about the entire process. After you have your Ford trade-in offer, you can browse our new inventory of amazing Ford cars, trucks, crossovers, and SUV models or look at a budget-friendly pre-owned model. Determine the value of your potential trade with us today!

*See dealer for complete details.