Calling All Mustang Fans: It's Time For Personalized Mustang Merch!

Mar 12, 2018 - 1 minute read

a bunch of different colored horses on a yellow and blue background with a red, orange, blue, yellow, and red background

Custom Mustang Merchandise for Baltimore Area Drivers

Looking for some personalized pony apparel? Want to see a Mustang-themed billboard with your creative eye behind the design? Using Facebook, you can now create your own Mustang merchandise. From badges and t-shirts to full-size billboards, Apple Ford Lincoln is proud to present the Ford Mustang's newest customer outreach enterprise: Personalize Your Pony.

Since its incarnation, Ford has provided Mustang enthusiasts with all the means necessary to personalize and customize their rides. To celebrate the 2018 model, fans can create and share their Mustang art through the Personalize Your Pony Experience on Facebook. Talk about 21st-century innovation!

You May Just See Your Creations in the Sky

Once you finish creating your Mustang masterpiece, you can order prints, clothing, and limited-edition grille badges to parade around Baltimore. From March until June, you may even find your design on Billboards in major cities across the entire U.S! It's time to remove yourself from behind the wheel for a second (we know this is hard when you drive a Mustang) and sit behind the computer. Show Ford what you've got. The fastest car tends to win the race; the most creative mind wins the Billboard showcase.

When you drive a Mustang, you stand out from the rest. We want you to showcase your creativity and unique design aesthetic. Take to the computer and choose from various style packs and colors; with vast editing capabilities at your disposal, create the Mustang design that speaks to you.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our Ford dealer near Baltimore at (866) 695-6642. We are ready and willing to answer any questions you may have regarding the Personalize Your Pony experience. We can't wait to see the masterpiece(s) you create.

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