Explore the Ford Lease Return Process

Explore the Ford Lease Return Process

Learn more about what to expect towards the end of your lease

Return Your Ford Lease With Ease

As the end of your lease draws near, you may be wondering what the return process entails. Many of our valued customers have asked our automotive professionals what to expect as they prepare to return their Ford lease. Our customers at Apple Ford can choose from three options: purchase or lease a new Ford model, purchase the vehicle currently on lease, or return the vehicle in question and end the lease.

Our team has provided you with a timeline containing vital information to have on hand before the return of your Ford lease. View this information below and contact our expert team with any questions regarding the Ford lease return policy.

Ford Lease-End Process

  • Six Months Prior: As you hit the six-month mark before the return of your Ford lease, it's time to start considering your options. Consider the Ford model you'd like to drive and the method you'd like to use to bring it home with you. Will you purchase? Lease? The choice is yours!

  • Three to Four Months Prior: Around this time, you should be receiving an email or phone call reminding you that your lease is ending soon. At this time, our team will provide you with information regarding excess wear and use and lease vehicle inspection procedures. Discuss any questions you have today!

  • Two Months Prior: Start to prep for inspection by ensuring your vehicle is clean, and all of your items are removed from your car.

  • One Month Prior: Schedule your lease-end appointment. At this time, the crew at Apple Ford will help you return your Ford lease and answer any questions.

Lease with Apple Ford

Stop by today and shop our new Ford models to begin a new Ford lease, and we will make the process as simple as possible when it's time for a Ford lease return. We can't wait to see you soon!

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