Buying Out of State

Buying Out of State

Visit Maryland and buy a car out of state

Finding the vehicle of your dreams is an exhilarating feeling, but it is not exclusive to shopping in your home state. We offer an extensive inventory of exceptional new Ford models and a diverse stock of used vehicles, and we are conveniently located near several states. This proximity gives you the ability to visit Maryland and buy a car out of state from us.

You may have some apprehension about what you would need to do when you buy a vehicle out of state, but the sales professionals at Apple Ford answer many of these questions in our list below. Get started by searching for your next vehicle online or by visiting us.

Will I be able to title and register the vehicle I purchased outside the state of Maryland?

When you buy a car out of state, you can register and title the vehicle in the state in which you live.

How do I register any vehicle in my home state? A: Each state has different emission standards, which may require additional inspection. Q: How do I sign up for insurance?

You will need to bring proof of insurance that is both state and VIN-specific. Make sure you have a license for that state and a copy of your state registration. These forms must be consistent with the address of your vehicle's registration.

Can I finance with my credit union or bank?

When you buy a car in another state, we have to receive the certified or wired funds before the delivery. The finance professionals at Apple Ford are highly experienced and will help you work through this process.

Are prices and rebates the same in my state?

The advertised price is from the Apple Ford region, so prices may vary the further away you live.

Will I be able to handle my title and registration?

You can handle your registration immediately if you purchase a pre-owned vehicle with available funds. If you buy a car out of state that is new or you choose financing, the lender will need proof of registration as well as your lien record. You also will need to provide Ford with proof of registration matching the incentives received.

How long does the process of registering take?

The length of this process varies for each state. The need for a state inspection, emissions testing, or various fees could prolong this procedure. It is always our goal for this to be completed within 60 days.

Can the vehicle be shipped to me?

A customer needs to sign documents in person because of identity requirements.

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Whether you buy a car online or visit our showroom, the sales staff at Apple Ford will walk you through the entire process. We will make sure when you buy a car out of state that the entire process is seamless. Stop by our showroom, and we will help you pick out your perfect Ford model.