Clarksville Area Ford Service Center Helps Drivers Fix Their ABS Brakes

Sep 26, 2017 - 2 minute read

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We have already showed drivers what the anti-lock brake lights mean, which is why we are now discussing what to do if it comes on. While it might not mean a car needs an ABS brake repair, it can be caused by something like the emergency brake or loss of brake fluid. While there are many things it can mean, we are here to help motorists figure that out immediately after the ABS pops up on the dash. Below are a list of steps rivers should go through to make sure their brakes don’t need to be repaired right away.

Check Emergency Brake

Sometimes, this light being on could be solved very easily. The emergency brake, even when not applied, could not be going down far enough, causing the light to go on. Adjust the emergency brake a few times to make sure it is going down properly, and if the light turns off, then the problem is solved.

Hydraulic Pressure is Being Lost

If the ABS light shows up, our Clarksville area Ford service center suggests to check the levels in the brake reservoir to see if a good amount of brake fluid was lost. If the fluid levels are low, that can cause the ABS light to come on. If the levels seem to be topped off, then that could mean pressure is being lost on one side of the vehicle, which is dangerous. This means the system won’t be as effective in stopping a car as the brakes could fail while on the road. Get that checked immediately.

Check Hydraulic Circuits

Each vehicle has two hydraulic circuits, and these should be checked in the event the ABS light comes on. This system works as a backup to the main brakes, and once the main brakes fail, this hydraulic system kicks in and helps the vehicle stop. If there are broken parts in the hydraulic system, these can be changed. If the light stays on after they are changed, the real problem may actually be the brakes.

If all of these steps are taken and the light still remains on, let our professional service technicians take a look. Operating a vehicle with damaged brakes is extremely dangerous for everybody on the road, so getting this fixed properly and promptly is very important. For Ford service near Clarksville, contact us at (866) 695-6642 and we’ll be happy to help.

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