EV Service & Maintenance: Taking Care of Your EV

Apr 09, 2024 - 3 minute read

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The Future Of Driving

As many things change with the passage of time, so does the technology of driving. New and more eco-friendly methods of transportation start with an electric vehicle. As you absorb the maintenance tips it takes to upkeep your innovative ride, you’ll notice that EV car maintenance is similar to taking care of a vehicle that runs on gas, but with slight differences. Overall, they serve the purpose of getting you to where you need to go, and the better you maintain your ride, the longer it’ll serve you. The team at Apple Ford will fill you in on some Ford EV service tips to be mindful of when you decide to drive electric, while adding in some friendly reminders on general maintenance. You may even find that Ford EV service is the way to go!

What You Already Know

Some of the best car maintenance practices are no secret. You probably do them as part of your regular routine, like having your tires changed and rotated, inspecting your brake pads and changing them if necessary, and topping off fluids like coolant and windshield wiper fluid. The same are applicable during Ford EV service. No matter what electric model you decide to drive, you’re still driving a car, and basic maintenance still applies. While some components may be different, it’s necessary to learn how EVs function in order to maintain them better. Doing so allows you to prolong the life of your ride while giving you insight into what potential issues arise because you took the time to educate yourself. That being said, the cost of Ford EV service is generally less than that of a gas-powered model because EV engines have fewer moving parts. However, it’s important to note that the more upkeep and preventative maintenance you manage to do correctly on your own, the less time you’ll spend in the shop, just like a gas-powered vehicle!

The New Stuff

Taking care of an EV can be tricky due to the nature of how new the technology is and how often it’s prone to change. With proper knowledge, you’ll be able to integrate Ford EV service seamlessly into your busy life. The heart of every electric vehicle is the battery. Proper steps need to be taken in order to keep it functioning for as long as possible before it needs to be replaced. Changes in weather are inevitable, but rest assured that your EV is prepared to do its best when inclement weather arrives. Factory-equipped with auxiliary cooling and heating systems, the electric vehicle battery maintains its own temperature during extreme hot or cold weather to keep itself functioning at optimal efficiency. However, it’s best to avoid driving during these extreme conditions as best as you can to avoid battery degeneration, as this self-regulation puts a lot of stress on the battery. When you charge your electric vehicle, you’re going to want to charge it to 85-90% instead of to its full capacity, as regularly charging to 100% will also degrade your battery over time. The same goes for using fast charging stations. While it can be convenient to charge your battery in an hour or less, depending on your battery health, doing so frequently can deplete it more rapidly. Planning your charging schedule ahead of time and using your station at home will do wonders for your battery in the long term. In short, maintain your vehicle with Ford EV service, and it’ll serve you for every drive.

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