Pet Safety in Vehicles

May 09, 2018 - 1 minute read

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How to Safely Cruise Around Baltimore With Your Pet

Do you often travel with your pet(s)? If so, you're responsible for their safety when you're behind the wheel. Though we all love to hold a little pup on our lap, this isn't the brightest move when you're going 80 down the freeway. Thus, we at Apple Ford Lincoln near Baltimore have some tips for you; with a little help from us, your pets will be safe and comfortable in the car.

Restraints for Car Travel

  • Ruff Rider Canine Vehicle Restraint: A harness designed to work in and out the car. There is a mechanism in place for attaching the harness to a seatbelt (note: always keep pets in the backseat).

  • Small Dog Seatbelt: A specially designed Doggie Seatbelt optimal for dogs up to 25 pounds. It attaches to any dog harness and can be moved from one car to another effortlessly.

  • Bergan Auto Harness: Attaches to the webbing of your car's seatbelt and the dog's harness. As one of the best options on the market, it meets the V9DT Safety Durability Standards. With a padded chest area for extra comfort, this harness adjusts to fit dogs from 10-150 pounds.

  • EzyDog Click Adjustable Car Restraint: Virtually, a leash that clicks right into the seatbelt buckle! It doesn't get easier than this; you attach one end to the dog and click the other end into the buckle. 1-2-3 and done.

  • Pet Gear Signature Pet Car Seat and Carrier: A carrier for dogs and cats up to 20 pounds; it attaches to any seat belt during your commute. A safety measure in the car. A carrier on foot.

While the above list is by no means all-encompassing, it accounts for some of the most popular restraint models currently on the market. Most of these items are extremely affordable and designed with your pet's safety and comfort at the forefront. Keep your pup safe. Strap them in. If you wouldn't drive without a seatbelt on, why should your pet?

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our Ford Lincoln dealer near Baltimore at (866) 841-9642. We are ready and willing to answer any questions you may have. And remember, safety should always come first...for you and anyone else in the car with you (including your canine companions). If you're interested in driving in a car built to protect, feel free to take a peek at our Fords for sale.

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