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Mar 30, 2021 - 1 minute read

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Start Anew This Spring

Springtime is about fresh starts and banishing the shadows brought on by Old Man Winter, as well as brightly renewing aspects within your daily life. One such area the service experts at Apple Ford urge you to consider is your trusty Ford model. Even though every car, truck, crossover, and SUV model from the Blue Oval brand is Built Ford Tough®, transporting you through heavy snowfalls and icy storms takes a consistent toll on your vehicle’s inner workings and outer body.

That is why our skilled technicians follow a comprehensive Ford spring service checklist in MD so that we can specialize our work for a better refresh of your ride before your next big road trip or vacation. Read what some of that work entails and then schedule a maintenance appointment with us.

Spring Services We Provide

The main focus of our Ford spring service checklist in MD is about revitalizing different components of your vehicle to craft a smoother driving experience. Priority items on the checklist include:


  • Replacing your windshield wipers with an all-new set

  • Checking the levels of your fluids and top them off if needed

  • Examining the state of your tires to ensure they are intact and have plenty of tread and air. Our techs will use all-weather wash and wax to clear away salt and other winter debris from your wheels.

  • Inspecting your air filters and cleaning them.

  • Conducting a general examination of your vehicle and guarantee it is running properly following a final test ride. 

  • A lot more!

Ford Spring Service Checklist in MD

Here at Apple Ford, we want you to know that those are just some highlights of what maintenance our service team will provide for you. We will be sure to go over what else is covered through our handy Ford spring service checklist in MD when you schedule your service appointment. Get started today!

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