Tips For Keeping Your Car Sanitized

Oct 04, 2020 - 2 minute read

a person in blue gloves is cleaning a car with a spray bottle and a sponge on the dash of the car

Sanitize Your Vehicle!

Your vehicle is practically your second home, a space you occupy perhaps seven days a week, from daily commutes to running errands to road trips. Often times, passengers accompany, as well, which is all the more reason why ridding your interior of viruses, toxins, and germs is essential.

We at Apple Ford have compiled a few routine steps for properly disinfecting your ride. Follow our car cleaning tips to stay safe and sanitary:

Wipe Down High-Use Areas

Maintain a relatively germ-free environment by first identifying the areas that get the most hands-on contact. Use a disinfectant surface cleaning solution and rag to wipe down your door handles, center console, steering wheel, windows, and seats frequently.

If you are unsure of what cleaning solution to use, one car cleaning tip is to mix a tablespoon of antibacterial soap and white vinegar or rubbing alcohol diluted with water.

Change Your Air Filters

Clean air circulation through your vents and filters is crucial now more than ever. We suggest spraying compressed air into each vent, then run a vacuum across to clear the dust and wipe the outsides.

The next car cleaning tip is to locate your A/C system, typically found under the hood of your car and below your windshield. Have your A/C on full blast, take out the vent and filter, and spray the system with disinfectant.

Your interior air filter is located under or behind your glove box. Bring your car to Apple Ford, and our service team will gladly replace your cabin air filters.

A High Standard Of Sanitization

When you visit Apple Ford, our service team goes above and beyond to isolate contact with your vehicle.

Our drivers use disposable plastic covers on the driver’s seat and steering wheel before operating your vehicle, and our technicians wear disposable gloves and replace them with each use. We mandate that all staff members stay home if they are at all feeling under the weather.

Schedule service today and ask our staff about more car cleaning tips that can optimize the cleanliness of your driving experience.

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