Which Electric Vehicles Qualify For A Tax Credit?

Apr 17, 2024 - 4 minute read

EVs That Qualify for Tax Credit

Power Up Your Savings: The Electric Advantage

At Apple Ford, we're passionate about putting innovation and efficiency in your driveway. That's why we're thrilled to talk about the EVs that qualify for tax credit and how they can significantly impact your decision to go electric with Ford. Going green shouldn't come at a green premium and the federal government's commitment to sustainable transportation translates into substantial savings for eco-conscious drivers. Let's navigate the world of EV tax credits and see how they make Ford's electric powerhouses, the Ford F-150 Lightning and Ford Escape Plug-In Hybrid, even more irresistible. Buckle up and get ready to discover the financial benefits of driving electric with Apple Ford!

Eligible Ford EVs

Apple Ford is proud to offer two exceptional electric vehicles that qualify for tax credit: the iconic Ford F-150 Lightning and the versatile Ford Escape Plug-In Hybrid.

Ford F-150 Lightning: As one of the EVs that qualify for tax credit, This groundbreaking truck inherits the legendary toughness and performance of the F-Series lineage, but with a revolutionary twist – zero tailpipe emissions. The all-electric powerhouse delivers incredible performance, making it a perfect choice for work, adventure, and everything in between. Whether you're hauling gear or conquering off-road trails, the Ford F-150 Lightning combines legendary Ford toughness with cutting-edge electric innovation, further proving that an eco-conscious choice doesn't have to compromise on capability. The Ford F-150 Lightning isn't just a truck; it's a statement. It's a declaration of your commitment to a sustainable future without sacrificing power or adventure. It's the perfect blend of innovation, capability, and environmental responsibility. Visit Apple Ford today and get behind the wheel of the revolutionary Ford F-150 Lightning.

Ford Escape Plug-In Hybrid: The Ford Escape Plug-In Hybrid is another option of the Ford EVs that qualify for tax credit and it offers the best of both worlds: seamless electric driving for short commutes and powerful gasoline engine performance for extended journeys. This fuel-efficient champion lets you experience the thrill of electric driving with the peace of mind of a long-range hybrid. A champion of both efficiency and versatility, this innovative PHEV seamlessly blends the power of an electric motor with the extended range security of a gasoline engine. Imagine tackling your daily errands in near-silent, electric bliss. The electric motor propels you around town with minimal emissions, making every trip a contribution to a cleaner environment. The cherry on top? It qualifies for a significant federal PHEV tax credit of $3,750. This translates to real savings on your purchase price, making the Ford Escape PHEV an even more compelling choice for eco-conscious drivers on a budget. Visit Apple Ford today and discover how the Ford Escape PHEV can revolutionize your driving experience!

2024 Tax Credit Changes

One of the most significant changes for 2024 is the transformation of the EV tax credit into an instant rebate. In the past, you had to wait until tax time to claim the credit. Now, with the new system, you can enjoy the savings upfront when you purchase your eligible Ford EV at Apple Ford. This instant rebate makes budgeting and financial planning much easier. You'll see the tax credit amount deducted from the price of your vehicle, resulting in a lower down payment and potentially lower monthly payments. It's a win-win for your wallet and the environment! There are additional requirements to qualify for the tax credit, such as the vehicle's MSRP and your tax liability. We recommend consulting with our knowledgeable team at Apple Ford for a personalized assessment.

Shop & Save Big

The future of driving is electric, and Apple Ford is here to guide you on your sustainable journey. With the powerful Ford F-150 Lightning and the efficient Ford Escape Plug-In Hybrid, you can experience the thrill of electric driving while enjoying significant savings thanks to the 2024 tax credit update. Visit us at Apple Ford today for a test drive and discover how Ford EVs can revolutionize your driving experience and your wallet. Our friendly staff is eager to answer your questions about our EVs that qualify for tax credit and help you secure the perfect Ford for your needs!

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