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Best Ford F-150 Lease Deals: Explore Affordable Options Now

If you're looking to lease a Ford F-150 in Columbia, MD, Apple Ford is the place to be. Our premier Ford dealership offers an extensive new inventory featuring the one and only Ford F-150. America's Favorite Truck has just what you need to navigate every upcoming adventure, whether you're planning an off-road excursion or a family road trip. Take advantage of best-in-class towing capabilities and more when you lease a 2024 Ford F-150. Visit Apple Ford to discover the best Ford F-150 lease deals near you!

Ford F-150 Leasing Guide: What to Expect

Apple Ford is here to help you find the perfect Ford F-150 lease offer for your lifestyle and budget. Browse our new inventory online or at the dealership to determine which Ford F-150 is right for you. Choose from several trim levels and powertrains, including an all-electric variant, available through a Ford F-150 Lightning lease. Take a test drive at Apple Ford to explore everything a Ford F-150 offers, and ask us any questions you have about features, amenities, or available packages. Next, speak to one of our financial representatives. We're here to help! Allow us to make the leasing process as streamlined as possible as we explain your Ford F-150 lease options, costs, and lease terms. Signing your lease is the final step in securing a Ford F-150 lease deal! Provide your signature and take your new Ford F-150 home!

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Lease Costs and Pricing

If you're wondering how much it costs to lease a Ford F-150, our sales team has got you covered. It is typically less expensive to lease a car versus buying one. For this reason, many choose to lease a Ford F-150 to enjoy the benefits of America's Favorite Truck without the higher price tag. The estimated cost of a Ford F-150 lease will depend on your creditworthiness, in addition to other influencing factors concerning your Ford F-150 of choice like the trim level, vehicle features, technology, and the length of your loan. Monthly payments can also vary based on dealer incentives. Enjoy benefits when you sign a Ford F-150 lease deal, like:

  • Low initial cost.

  • Flexible leasing options available between 24-to 48-month terms.

  • No hassle trade-in. Return your Ford F-150 at lease-end or buy it for the purchase price listed in your lease.

  • Always new features and technology. Drive the latest models.

  • Protect your Ford F-150 with Complimentary Gap Protection.

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How Much Is It to Lease a Ford F-150?

If you’re eager to take home a Ford F-150 but purchasing a new Ford is out of your budget, we have good news for you! Leasing a Ford F-150 can be more cost-effective than buying, with some lease payments averaging hundreds of dollars lower per month than a typical loan. According to Edmunds, Ford F-150 lease deals can cost up to $382 lower on average, making Ford F-150 lease deals great for those who value enjoying the car over owning it. If you’re curious about what it costs to lease a Ford F-150, our sales team can give you an estimate based on your desired vehicle and features, in addition to your credit score. If your credit score is low, you may be required to put more money down when signing. For more information, contact one of our financial representatives or visit our finance department to determine the exact cost of a Ford F-150 lease deal.

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Is It Cheaper to Buy or Lease a 2024 Ford F-150?

If you're trying to determine whether to buy or lease a Ford F-150 for sale in Columbia, MD, both are excellent options depending on your lifestyle and budget. When you lease a Ford F-150, your monthly payment covers the depreciation value of the car rather than an actual loan. To determine if a Ford F-150 lease deal is right for you, consider your budget. Monthly lease payments for a Ford F-150 can be several hundred dollars lower per month than a loan payment. To better understand what it costs to lease versus buy a Ford F-150, compare lease and loan payments for a Ford F-150 at Apple Ford.

New Ford F-150 Lease Offers

Explore new Ford F-150 lease offers in Columbia, MD, with competitive rates and flexible terms. Take advantage of our current lease offer on the Ford F-150, with lease terms as low as 36 months. Contact us to learn more about our lease offers and to schedule a test drive.

2024 Ford F-150 Inventory

2024 Ford F-150 Inventory

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Build Your Own Ford F-150

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