Ford oil change near Baltimore


Routine maintenance is important for those who want to keep their car running for years to come. While there are many services that go into preserving a car, none may be more important than oil changes. In order to keep the moving parts in your engine healthy and working properly, stop by our Ford service center near Baltimore and let us help. From oil changes to repairs, we can do it all.

Importance of Oil Changes

Oil changes are usually underrated, as it is such a quick service but not done as often as it should be. Below are a few reasons as to why it is important you bring your car in for oil changes:

  • Keeps engine lubricated: Your vehicle's engine is made up of a number of moving parts. With all of these moving parts, it is important to keep the engine lubricated so it runs smoothly without any problems.
  • Cools the engine: Engine oil also helps cool down these moving parts. If there is too much friction and they aren't cooled, the engine will overheat.
  • Improves gas mileage: If your engine is poorly lubricated, the engine works harder which in turn decreases gas mileage. With a clean and properly running engine, gas mileage can be improved 1-2% over time.

Why Service With Apple Ford Lincoln

Apple Ford Lincoln really works hard to make sure each customer feels at home when they enter our dealership. While our dealership is welcoming to all, our quick and reliable service is beneficial as well. We understand everybody is busy, so we work hard to make sure we are available for when we are needed. Thanks to our late hours and drive up weekend service, we accommodate all drivers at all times.

We stay open until 7:00 pm each weeknight and until 5:00 pm on Saturday's. Our service center is located just 20 minutes south of Baltimore, so come visit us and let our team show you what true service looks like!

Service Review

"One of the best vehicle buying experience I have had. We look forward to the service after the sale that I have been told about." - review


"Apple Ford Lincoln has always gone above and beyond to provide superior customer service to me. They strive for quick turn around and easy service. If you have to wait, it is never any more than necessary." - review


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