Take the way you travel to the next level when you install the FordPass™ app. The team at your Ford dealership in Maryland is prepared to tell you all about how much FordPass™ can improve any trip that you take. All you have to do is download this app and connect your smart device to your Ford. Once you have the app downloaded and connected, you will be able to keep track of key statistics and information from the convenience of your phone. Keep tabs on your VIN numbers, any available updates, and the weather outside with this easy-to-use app. FordPass™ can be your co-pilot, your navigation tool, and your all-purpose travel companion. The staff at your Ford dealership in Maryland is ready to show you how this app works and how to hook it up to your Ford model.

Download the FordPass™ App

The SYNC® Connect system lets you use your FordPass™ app and all of its helpful features. Use your smartphone to download this app and you'll be able to keep all of your information fully protected through the use of a customizable pin. Enjoy every second you're in the driver's seat of your Ford with this app.

You won't have to spend time searching around for adequate parking ever again with the FordPass™ app. In select cities, you will be able to search for parking by landmark, address, or neighborhood so you can find a spot that works for you.You can reserve a parking spot for a period of time and pay for it while you're at it, all from this app. Don't turn over your couch cushions or dig between seats for any change so you can cover the cost of parking. The staff at your Ford dealership in Maryland is prepared to help you open up your account and take away the stress of parking.

FordPass™ also gives drivers the ability to lock and unlock their doors from anywhere. Drivers can start up their vehicle or shut their engine off through this app. Don't worry about trekking around to find your vehicle after a long night, as this app will locate your Ford for you. Feel free to schedule a set time that you want your Ford to start every day, so your vehicle's engine can be warmed up and ready to go when you are. Keep tabs on your fuel and your fluid levels through this app that will also point you in the direction of gas stations if you need it. Search by fuel grade, price, or brand so you can find the exact gas station you need. The FordPass™ app will also keep you aware of the weather whenever and wherever you travel, so you can be fully prepped for what your journey will entail.

If your Ford happens to receive a recall, then the FordPass™ app will make sure that you are the first to know. When you find out that your vehicle is experiencing a recall, then schedule your service at Apple Ford. Keep tabs on your odometer through this app and let it tell you exactly when you'll need your next oil change. You can always get health reports sent directly to you and be alerted if there is an issue with your tire pressure. This app will also track all the service your vehicle gets and will alert you if any fluids need to be refilled. Use FordPay to cover the cost of that service and even pay for your financing via Ford Credit.


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