How To Find Your Vehicle's VIN Number

How To Find Your Vehicle's VIN Number

Vehicle identification numbers are made up of 17 characters – here's where to find them

There are times when you will need to know your vehicle identification number, also known as your VIN number. Whether you are ordering parts, handling matters at the Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA), or managing insurance, you will need to know where to locate this number.

The VIN number is essentially your vehicle's DNA and contains critical information for identifying the exact model that you have, the exact engine, and when your car was built.

Your local Ford dealership is happy to fill you in on where and how to find your VIN number on your vehicle, other locations, along with what makes up this unique set of digits. Contact us if you need more help.

About Your VIN

All standard, vehicle identification numbers are made up of 17 characters. You will find a randomized grouping of characters involving capital letters A through Z and numbers 0 through 9. VIN numbers will not contain special characters, signs, or spaces, and to avoid errors of misreading, the letters I, O, and Q are not part of any combination.

How To Locate Your VIN Number

The most common places to find your vehicle identification number are nestled into areas in your vehicle, on your title, and your engine. Discover how to find your VIN number on your car.

You can look on the windshield near the dash, inside the left-hand, inner-wheel arch on the steering wheel, or inside the door frame. It is often inside the drivers' side door frame, although sometimes you may find it instead on the passengers' front side. Want to know how to find the VIN number on your engine?

Search the machined pad on the front of the engine, on the radiator support brackets, and on the car's firewall (The unibody that separates the engine compartment from the passenger compartment). You can also locate how to find your VIN number on your title, on your vehicle's registration certificate, or directly on the declaration page of your auto insurance policy.

The team at your local Ford dealership in Maryland will gladly show you in person all of the places to locate your vehicle's unique DNA.