How to Pair Your Phone with Ford SYNC®

Feb 19, 2018 - 1 minute read

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Keeping Baltimore Area Drivers Connected

Ford SYNC®a top-of-the-line in-car connectivity system–is just as easy to set up as it is to enjoy. However, our Ford dealer near Baltimore has compiled a short list of instructions to make this setup as easy as 1-2-3. Using the procedure below, you’ll be all set to stream your favorite tunes, make hands-free calls, and boss your car around with simple voice commands…in a matter of minutes. Here’s how you hook it up: 

In your Ford:

  • Press the Phone button on the steering wheel.

  • Once in the Phone menu, use the Seek button or the tune knob to navigate and find System Settings. Select System Settings.

  • Press OK when you see Bluetooth Devices.

  • Locate Add Bluetooth Devices. Select OK for Add Bluetooth Device.

  • Select OK when Find SYNC is displayed on the screen.

  • Once the 6-digit pin appears on the vehicle screen, follow the steps below for pairing your phone:

Using your phone:

  • Locate your Settings.

  • Select Bluetooth.

  • Make sure Bluetooth is turned on and searching for devices.

  • Once you see SYNC, select it and enter the 6-digit pin displayed on the Ford screen.

  • Select Pair

  • Your new Ford and your phone are now all paired up. Congrats!

We hope you enjoy Ford SYNC®If you have any questions or require more assistance setting up SYNC® feel free to contact our Baltimore area Ford dealer at (866) 841-9642. We are ready and willing to answer any and all questions you may have.

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